Genius ERP Tutorial Videos

Watch our Genius ERP Tutorial videos for valuable tips & tricks to maximize your Genius system. Want to go even deeper? Learn how you can gain access to exclusive learning paths and hosted eClasses through the Genius Academy all-in-one training platform.

Genius Analytics

1 part | 4 minutes

Learn about Genius Analytics, an intuitive self-service platform that provides real-time visibility into your operational status, efficiency and performance metrics.

Genius Mobile

1 part | 3 minutes

Genius Mobile is a warehouse mobility tool designed for managing inventory. In this video, you will learn how to use its four main functionalities: inventory lookup, inventory movement, material consumption and packing.

Genius ERP Accounting

1 part | 3 minutes

Discover our full-suite accounting package that offers accounts payable, accounts receivable, live GL tracking, bank reconciliation, journal entry and project-based accounting capabilities.

Genius ERP ShopFloor

1 part | 4 minutes

Discover how Genius ERP supports a fully paperless environment by offering a comprehensive shop floor tool for every role in your organization, including time clocking, material picking and WIP tracking.

Project Management System

2 parts | 4 minutes

Learn how to track budget costs, including labor costs, with the Project Management module, plus how to use our Project Management system for project accounting.

Non-Conformance Report

1 part | 3 minutes

This tutorial demonstrates the steps for creating Non-Conformance Reports in Genius ERP, covering identifying non-conformities, assessment, corrective action, and inspection.

Real-Time Job Costing

2 parts | 4 minutes

Learn how Genius ERP automatically generates estimated job costs based on a BOM, plus allows you to compare your estimated job cost with your actual job cost in real time.

Production Planning

2 parts | 4 minutes

In this video series, we will show how to plan production using Gantt charts in our integrated Work Order Management solution.

Accounts Payable

6 parts | 12 minutes

This walkthrough will show you how to use Accounts Payable in Genius ERP, including vendor payments, credit notes, batch payments, prepayments & bank charges, miscellaneous payments, and vendor account analysis.

Sales & Quoting Management

3 parts | 7 minutes

Discover how to create new quotes, view and edit existing quotes, manage sales orders, receive purchase orders and purchase directly on certain jobs.

Inventory & Warehouse Management

3 parts | 8 minutes

Learn how to track and manage inventory, including using Genius ERP’s multi-warehouse management & multiple location functionalities. This video series will also cover how to consume materials and track serialized parts.

Accounts Receivable

6 parts | 12 minutes

This walkthrough demonstrates how to use Accounts Receivable in Genius ERP, including registering and canceling receipts, payment and miscellaneous receipts, unapplied receipts, applying credit notes and customer account analysis.

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